Form 1 – Application for First Registration of a Freehold documentary title

Please consider the benefits of using a Form 3 where appropriate.

Application for First Registration of Freehold Title based on documentary title. See Practice Directions for more information on cases that can be lodged using a Form 1.

 Document Required – Form 17 and Fees

Document Required – Form 1

The document must be an affidavit in Form 1 of the current Land Registry Rules made by:

  • the applicant
  • in the case of a company, by the Secretary or Law Agent.

Part 3 of the affidavit must contain a concise statement of title, starting with the root of title and giving, in chronological order, a summary of the documents, events and facts upon which the applicant’s claim to title is based. See Rule 15 of the Land Registry Rules 2012 as amended.

If your title commences with a Fee Farm Grant or a Lease, you must state this fact at the beginning of your statement of title.

The affidavit must be fully executed and properly attested.

Document Required – A Schedule of Documents

  • The ‘Schedule of Documents’ must list each document lodged with your application.
  • You must lodge two copies of the Schedule of Documents with your application.

Document Required – Map

An application map that complies with the requirements as set out in the in the Mapping Guidelines.

Documents Required – Title documents, other documents.

You must lodge all original Title Deeds, Charges etc. and all other supporting documents relating to the application.

You must lodge all necessary searches:

  • Judgment Office searches for the past 5 years against all parties on title.
  • Registry of Deeds searches against all parties on title.
  • Companies Office searches where appropriate.

Where there is a mortgage to be registered you must lodge a certificate by the solicitor for the mortgagee to the effect, if such be the case, that there have been no acts affecting the property, the subject of the mortgage, by the mortgagee since the date of the mortgage.

Please note the following:

Any ambiguity throughout the documentation will have to be queried by Tailte Éireann.  The effect of the deed should be clear and unambiguous.  Please also ensure consistency across the documentation in such things as the spelling of names and addresses, Folio numbers and property descriptions.  You may wish to pre-empt a query by explaining any discrepancies (e.g. maiden names/married names, etc.).