KBC Bank Ireland plc - Legal Office Notice No. 4 of 2010

On 24th October 2008 IIB HOMELOANS changed its name to KBC MORTGAGE BANK.

With effect from 26th June 2009, pursuant to section 33 of the Central Bank Act 1971, KBC MORTGAGE BANK transferred its mortgage loans to KBC BANK IRELAND PLC. Such a transfer has effect as a deed registered in the Registry of Deeds or Land Registry on the date on which it took effect, S.I. No. 125 of 2009 refers. (KBC MORTGAGE BANK subsequently changed its name to KBC MORTGAGE FINANCE)

After the operative date the KBC BANK IRELAND PLC will seal vacates of charges in the name of the two earlier named entities.

The bank trades under the name of KBC HOMELOANS. This trading name is not to appear on the register

Frank Treacy 

Deputy Registrar 

April 2010