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Tailte Éireann - Surveying maps, data and publications are copyright protected under the terms of the Copyright Acts. All our digital and professional products are supplies on a single use/single project basis. Anyone wishing to reuse or repurpose Tailte Éireann - Surveying material beyond a single use/single project must obtain a Copyright Licence. Anyone wishing to reproduce material, or use it as a basis for a new publication, must obtain a Copyright Permit. Further information regarding Copyright and Intellectual Property can be obtained through the Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment.

Single Use Copyright Licence

Anyone wishing to reuse or repurpose Tailte Éireann - Surveying's material beyond a single use/single project must obtain a Copyright Licence. Licences are available for both our PDF and Digital Data products.

To purchase a Single use Copyright Licence please visit our online store.

Annual Copyright Licence

The Annual Copyright Licence covers the reproduction of Tailte Éireann - Surveying maps and data in the normal course of business, for the period of one year. This eliminates the need to apply for permission every time maps, aerial photography or data are reused.

  •  The Annual Copyright Licence permits the holder to use Tailte Éireann - Surveying maps in the following ways:
  •  Make copies for use within the business environment.
  •  Reproduce and combine the maps and data with other data in development work and for the process of conveyancing/registration of deeds.
  •  Submit planning applications, reports, way leave applications, etc.
  •  Maintain copies of maps and/or data for reference, physically or on their business systems beyond the two-year project entitlement.
  •  Load maps and data to systems capable of analysing the map or data in conjunction with other data, such as a Geographic Information System (GIS).
  •  Print or make further copies in addition to the number you ordered.
  •  Make any changes to the PDF while in electronic form, such as adding overlay information.
  •  Allows limited sharing of the product with third parties necessary in the normal course of your business.
  •  Publish in promotional material and/or reproduce facsimile copies for attachment to promotional material.
  •  Advertise in national or regional newspapers.
  •  Publish on the internet map extracts not exceeding 200cm2 at source scale.

This product is suitable for property development experts, including architects, engineers, surveyors, auctioneers, valuers, estate agents, and legal professionals involved in purchasing, selling, and legally transferring land and property.

To purchase an Annual Copyright Licence please visit our online store.

Copyright Permit CP1


Anyone wishing to reproduce Tailte Éireann - Surveying material, or use it as a basis for their own publications, must obtain prior permission from Tailte Éireann - Surveying. The permit covers the reproduction of our mapping and data in facsimile form and also the use of copyright material in a new compilation based on our mapping and/or data.

The permit requires an acknowledgement to Tailte Éireann - Surveying and Government of Ireland copyright. Permit numbers that must appear on the reproductions are issued on receipt of the completed application and payment of any royalty fee as may be appropriate. Permit fees are determined by the area and scale of mapping reproduced and the number of copies/print quantity to be published.

Applications for a Copyright Permit may be made with the form below.

For further information please contact copyright@tailte.ie

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