Reval 2019 - Preliminary Analysis of Outcome

Please be aware that this preliminary analysis is based on the Annual Rates of Valuation (ARVs) provided by each County Council. 

In September 2019, the Valuation Office issued final Valuation Certificates to ratepayers in the local authority areas of Cavan, Louth, Meath, Monaghan, Tipperary, Wexford and Wicklow County Councils and published new valuation lists for each of these local authorities. Valuation Certificates were also sent to ratepayers in Fingal County Council and a new valuation list was published, as part of the second revaluation of that local authority.

Rates are a charge on the occupation of commercial and industrial property and are a major contributor to the funding of and delivery of services by local authorities each year. Rates payable by an individual ratepayer are a product of the Net Annual Value (NAV) set by the Valuation Office and the Annual Rates on Valuation (ARV), set by the particular local authority. For the 8 local authorities where Reval2019 has just been completed, the outcome of the revaluation will become effective from January 2020.

Across the 8 local authorities being revalued, over 65% of ratepayers will see a reduction in their rates liability after revaluation. This is in line with the outcome of other revaluations conducted to date under the National Revaluation Programme.

In those counties, 54% of ratepayers will have a rates liability of less that €2,500 per annum, 75% will have a liability less than €5,000 and 83% will have a liability less that €7,500.

The four main categories of rateable property in every local authority are Retail (Shops), Offices, Industrial Units and businesses in the Hospitality Sector such as licensed premises and hotels. These categories make up over 90% of the rate-paying base across the 8 counties. The “Other” category includes properties such as supermarkets, retail warehouses, cinemas, carparks, stadia, tolls, nursing homes, wind farms, service stations, quarries, clubhouses and advertising stations.

Based on the ARVs supplied by each local authority, we have provided aggregated statistics relating to the outcome for these categories of property, in the infographic below (click on image to download in PDF).


An infographic of the breakdown of specific outcomes for each local authority area can be viewed by clicking on the county name below: