Registry of Deeds Records

The records held by the Registry of Deeds are in a variety of formats including parchment, bound volumes, microfilm, paper, and electronic records. All records from 1708 to 1969 can be viewed in person by appointment at the Registry of Deeds. A fee of 10.00 applies to inspect each original Memorial/ROD Applications record.  All other pre-1970 records are free of charge to view.  

Memorials/ROD Application Forms 

Memorial/ROD Applications Forms provide a synopsis of the deed registered at the Registry of Deeds, including dates, parties involved, and a description of the property affected. As the original deed is returned to the lodging party, Memorials/ROD Application Forms are the fullest statement of the deed we can provide and include original signatures. Memorials were registered between 29 March 1708 and 30 April 2008. Memorials were replaced by the Registry of Deeds (ROD) Application Form on 1 May 2008. 

Memorials are given a registration serial number once registered. From 1708 until 1832 the number was based on book, page and memorial number in numerical order. After 1832 the numbering system changed to a 10-digit number of the year, book and memorial number within that book. These serial numbers are important when searching for a particular transaction or requesting copies. 

Original Memorials/ROD Applications can be viewed in the Registry of Deeds and a fee of €10.00 applies for every original memorial / ROD Application produced for inspection.   

Customers who wish to view Memorials/ROD Applications are encouraged to view the relevant Transcript Book or microfilms free of charge or avail of our copying services. 

All Memorials/ROD Applications from 1930 to 2018 have been microfilmed. ROD Applications from 2019 to present are being scanned in place of microfilming.  

Microfilm List 1930-2018 PDF 

Transcript Books  

Transcript Books contain full transcriptions of Memorials, transcribed verbatim by Registry of Deeds clerks for memorials registered between 1708 and 1960.   

Transcript Book List 1708-1832 PDF 

Transcript Book List 1833-1960 PDF 

Names Index (1708-1969)

The Names Index is an alphabetical index of grantors named in transactions recorded at the Registry of Deeds. A Grantor refers to the individual or organisation disposing of the property in some way such as conveyance (selling) or transferring ownership of a property.  

When you search the Names Index by grantor’s name you will find the relevant registration serial number of the Memorial/ROD Application Form for the transaction. The same registration serial number is then required to search the Transcript Books and the Abstract Books or order copies of Memorials.  The Names Index is in bound volume format for the period 1708-1969. From 1970 to date, the Names Index is accessed electronically via official search or public search for account holders on 

Names Index List 1708-1969 PDF 

Lands Index 

The Lands Index is a geographical index of transactions recorded at the Registry of Deeds. Entries contain the geographical denomination (listed alphabetically by first letter only), the barony or parish if present and the surname of the grantor only. Lands Indexes cover the period 1708 – 1946, with Dublin City and County covered to 1949, and are a useful tool if you do not know the name of the grantor.  For advice on using Registry of Deeds Land Index please see:  Blog 5: A guide to using the Lands Index Book.

Lands Index List 1708-1949 PDF 

Abstract Book 

Abstract Books contain an abridged version of the details held within memorials. Abstracts cover the period 1833 - 1969 and include the registration serial number, date of registration, name and date of the deed, persons involved, description of the property and general nature of the deed. These records continue to be amended when a pre-1970 mortgage is vacated.  Abstract Books exist in electronic format post 1970.  A series of early Abstract Books, created retrospectively, exist for 1708 -1717, and 1800 -1832. 

Abstract Books List 1833-1969 PDF 

For further guidance on using Registry of Deeds records for historical research purposes please see: Introduction to the Memorials and Transcription Books at the Registry of Deeds.

Existence of Copies

The Names Index, Lands Index, and Transcript Books dating from 1708-1929 were microfilmed by the Church of Latter-Day Saints in 1950 and 1968, with the permission of the Department of Justice, Ireland. Copies of the microfilms are available from the National Library of Ireland, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland and have been published on   

A sample set of Registry of Deeds Transcript Books have been digitised and published on

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