Data Sharing

Information on Tailte Éireann's data sharing policy.

Tailte Éireann shares information through online portals. These include property registration information at, national geospatial information (via interactive map applications and data catalogues) at Surveying Open Data Portal and valuation data at Tailte Éireann- Valuations - Publishers -

Tailte Éireann data is also available through other channels, as set out below.

Open Data

Tailte Éireann is committed to the principles of Open Data, in accordance with the national Open Data Strategy. These principles are aimed at promoting innovation and transparency through the publication of Irish Public Sector data in open, free and reusable formats. 

The accuracy of our data is important to us.  If you discover an error with any of our open data then please contact us at

Tailte Éireann - Open Datasets can now be found on here at Tailte Éireann Open Data Portal.


The INSPIRE Directive of the European Parliament was transposed into Irish law through Statutory Instrument No. 382 of 2010. This Directive aims to create a European Union spatial data infrastructure (SDI) for the purposes of EU environmental policies and policies or activities which may have an impact on the environment. This will be based on member states’ SDIs and ultimately will enable the sharing of environmental spatial information among public sector organisations, facilitate public access to spatial information across Europe and assist in policy-making across boundaries.

The Land Registry is listed in respect of Ireland on the Legally Mandated Organisation (LMO) list for the Cadastral Parcels Theme and, as such, is obliged to provide discovery, viewing and downloading services through INSPIRE and Irish SDI geo-portals.

TÉ Surveying is listed in respect of Ireland on the LMO list for a number of data sets and, as such, is obliged to provide discovery, viewing and downloading services through INSPIRE and Irish SDI geo-portals. Surveying is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the INSPIRE geoportal on behalf of the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage.

The above can be obtained at the INSPIRE Tailte Éireann webpage.

Queries can be forwarded to

Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2005

Tailte Éireann complies with the regulations on the Re-use of Public Sector Information and encourages the re-use of the information that it produces. The regulations are available on the PSI website.

Information and documents obtained from this website may be reproduced and/or re-used subject to the latest PSI licence available.

The information featured on our website is the copyright of Tailte Éireann. You may re-use the information on our website free of charge. Re-use includes copying, issuing copies to the public, publishing, broadcasting and translating into other languages. It also covers non-commercial research and study. Re-use is subject to the following conditions. You must:

  • Acknowledge the source and our copyright in cases where you supply the information to others;
  • Reproduce information accurately;
  • Not misleadingly  use the information;
  • Not use the information for the principal purpose of advertising or promoting a particular product or service;
  • Not use the information for or in support of illegal, immoral, fraudulent or dishonest purposes

Tailte Éireann is not liable for any loss or liability associated with the re-use of information and does not certify that the information is up-to-date or error-free. Tailte Éireann does not authorise any user to have exclusive rights to the re-use of its information.

Tailte Éireann Registration Bulk Data

Tailte Éireann’s Land Direct website allows users to obtain the details of individual folios for a fee, but this is less practical when the details of multiple folios are required.  For any request that involves more than three folios, Tailte Éireann accepts applications for Bulk Data Extractions. 

Further details can be obtained by submitting a bulk data extraction form or emailing queries to