Settlements destroyed in the Four Courts Fire of 1922


Where a settlement under which a limited ownership is registered was destroyed in the Four Courts fire of 1922, any of the following documents may be accepted for filing in the Registry in lieu thereof:

1. A counterpart deed stamped with the correct stamp duty.

2. A contemporaneous copy of the original deed with an Impressed Stamp thereon and certified by a Solicitor to be a true copy of the original.

3. An official certified copy issued from the Land Registry.

4. An approved draft of the original deed together with a verifying affidavit of the Solicitor who approved of same.

5. If the original deed has been registered in the Registry of Deeds, a full memorial of same together with a verifying affidavit by a Solicitor.

If any other documentary evidence of the lost deed is furnished, it is not to be accepted except on the direction of the Divisional Manager or Deputy Registrar (if necessary)

If no documentary evidence is forthcoming the Solicitor should be informed that it will be necessary to apply to the Court to declare the trusts of the settlement.

Property Registration Authority

01 December 2009