National Land Cover Map

Understand the environment, make informed decisions and balance the requirements of agriculture, industry, infrastructure, and leisure.

The National Land Cover Map was produced by the Surveying function of Tailte Éireann in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and with the support of members of the cross-governmental national land cover and habitat mapping (NLCHM) working group using a comprehensive and independent validation process in which over 20,000 land cover samples were verified by seven external stakeholder groups. 

The National Land Cover Map classifies natural vegetation, freshwater, and artificial surfaces across the Republic of Ireland. This enables users to gain a greater understanding of Ireland’s diverse environments.

Developed using innovative mapping methodologies, machine learning, and remote sensing techniques, the data describes over 10 million landscape features categorised into 36 different land cover classifications designed specifically for Ireland

The National Land Cover Map has a resolution of at least 0.1 hectares, making it 250 times more detailed than CORINE, the Pan-European land cover dataset and is available in FGDB format.

You can download the National Land Cover Map of Ireland 2018 report here.

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