Rule 15 – Documents to accompany application for registration of ownership of freehold property

 (1) An application for registration of the ownership of freehold property to which Rules 19(3), 19(4), 20(1), 21 or 22 does not apply, shall, unless the Authority otherwise directs, be accompanied by- 

(a) a concise statement of the title giving in chronological order a summary of the documents and the events and facts on which the applicant’s claim to the property is based, commencing with a root of title and which shall form part of Form 1; 

(b) all original deeds and all documents in the applicant’s possession, or under his/her control, relating to the title, including legal opinions, abstracts of title, contracts for and conditions of sale, searches, requisitions and replies, and other like documents, and the evidence by affidavit, statutory declaration, or otherwise, proving the facts stated and necessary to be proved to establish the title; 

(c) an application map, unless the application otherwise sufficiently identifies the property on the registry map; 

(d) a schedule in duplicate of all documents lodged with the application. 

(2) Where the applicant, as authorised by these Rules, relies on legal opinion in support of his/her title, the statement of title required by this rule need not be lodged. 

(3) The Authority shall not be on notice of any matter disclosed in any document lodged which bears a date prior to the date of the document identified as the root of title.