Boundary Data

Administrative and Statute boundary data is derived from the National Map (also know as 'the Prime 2' database) and supplied as attributed polygon structures which may be incorporated into Geographical Information Systems (GIS). These products are suitable for use as a powerful demographic analysis tool, particularly in conjunction with census data.


The placename gazetteer is a geographical index listing over fifty-five thousand entries. The gazetteer is a bilingual database with the most updated information from Logainm.

All boundary and placename data is available as open data to download from

Whilst Tailte Éireann - Surveying maps and mapping services continue to represent Statutory and Administrative Boundaries, their true definition or delineation may only be found on the “relevant ordnance map”. Users of Tailte Éireann - Surveying mapping are consequentially advised to exercise due diligence and undertake appropriate research when reliance on the position of a Statutory or Administrative Boundary is required.

Tailte Éireann - Surveying maps never indicate legal property boundaries, nor do they show ownership of physical features. Although some property boundaries may be coincident with surveyed map features, no assumptions should be made in these instances and consequently it is not possible to identify the position of a legal property boundary from an Tailte Éireann - Surveying map.

Here you can find over 60 boundary datasets as generalised and non-generalised datasets including:

Statute Boundaries

  • Counties
  • Baronies
  • Civil Parish’s
  • Townlands

Administrative Boundaries

  • Administrative Areas (Local Authority)
  • Local Electoral Areas
  • Municipal Districts
  • Constituency
  • Gaeltacht Boundaries.
  • Electoral Divisions


  • Statistical Small Areas/SAPs
  • NUTS
  • Rural Area’s


  • HWM and LWM

Cultural Historical

  • Provinces

Downloads are available in CSV, KML, Shapefile and GeoJSON formats in ITM projection.

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