Digitisation Protocol

The Digitisation Protocol Document was specifically formulated to act as a guide for the digitisation of the Registry maps. Its main purpose was to assist the project team in their task of capturing registered properties that were marked on paper-based County Series and Irish Grid Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) maps by referencing those properties to the OSi digital vector topographic maps and the Irish Transverse Mercator (ITM) coordinate reference system. 

The document outlines the various steps that were to be followed in order to ensure that properties were converted in a manner that was acceptable to the Property Registration Authority and includes references to the section of the Registration of Deeds And Title Act 2006 and Land Registry Rules 1972 – 2009 regarding the non-conclusive or general Boundary system. 

The document lists the steps and processes that were to be adopted during the project and provides a number of examples that graphically explain what should be done in such cases. It sets out the various adoption criteria that must be applied. 

While the document was compiled primarily to assist the bureau in the data conversion exercise it drew on experience and guidelines that had been applied for many years in the paper map environment where properties had to be updated to newer editions of OSi mapping as they became available.

The Digitisation Protocol may evolve and change as it is now used to guide staff when making decisions on adopting revised OSi topographic detail when OSi re-supply the Registry with new editions of their digital topographic maps. 

To read the document in full, please click here: Digitisation Protocol Document  

Shay Arthur

Mapping Advisor

Property Registration Authority

10 October 2011