In order to access the Eircode API locator service, you will need the following:

An Eircode Corporate license is required to access the service:

You can contact your Eircode provider to check if you are adequately licensed for the OSi Public Sector Eircode API.

A signed third party agreement with your provider is required in order to gain access to the Public Sector Eircode API. If you do not currently have an Eircode license please contact and we can provide you provider details.

Quarterly Copy of Data:

In order to grant access, you will be required to provide us with a copy of your data on a quarterly basis as your organisation receives it from your Eircode provider.

Should you need any assistance or further information on the Public Sector Eircode API, please contact

For information on the usage of the API please see our Terms of Usage

For technical guidance on the API, please see our Story Map.